We Vibe Rave Review

Well, well, what do we have here?  At first glance it looks like we have a pretty basic g-spot vibrator.  But look closer.  Look beyond the basic design and see how the We Vibe Rave swoops to the side, giving it a tapered edge with a flat g-spot (and clitoral) lovin' base.

The head fairly bulbous on one side and almost flat on the other.  The whole body is rimmed by easy to grip pleasure edges. The result? A product that is both comfortable to hold, interesting to look at, and sublimely effective for targeting the G-spot, stimulating the clitoris, and keeping couples connected with the included We-Connect App.


Rave’s unusual asymmetric shape makes finding your G-spot easier. Press down gently on the ergonomic handle for firm, satisfying G-spot pressure and start cycling through the rumbly vibration settings.


A new dimension to internal stimulation. Add a twist to feel Rave’s pleasure edges stimulate the most sensitive parts of your vagina. Or use a pleasure edge for precise external stimulation.
We Vibe Rave

Ok, ok, before I go on about the power and speed settings and all that, I need to talk about this super slick feature that makes the We Vibe Rave a step above other sex toys for women.

  1. The We Connect App - this app lets you, or a lover control the We Vibe Rave with from your smartphone.  During the current Covid-19 isolation, lots of us are apart from our sexual partners.  Get them to download the handy We-Connect app and they can control your vibe from anywhere in the world.  You can also unlock some extra fun vibe patterns and create your own with the app.  Fun!


Rave’s deep, rumbly vibrations satisfy your G-spot. The powerful vibrations are also perfect for clitoral stimulation.  Internally, the Rave can be thrusted like a traditional G-spot toy, but the shape of the head means that it can also be twisted for unique results.


 Cha cha


Low-power alert

Body-Safe Silicone

Whisper quiet



We-Connect App

All in all, I think the We Vibe Rave is a great addition to any nightstand.  It has all of the luxury features I'd expect from a good vibrator and really delivers on the design and the We-Connect App.  

 The We Vibe Rave is a sex toy designed by a premium sex toy company. 

  • powerful rumbly engine? - check  
  • rechargeable and wireless?  - check 
  • medical grade silicone body? - check
  • easy to clean & care for? - check
  • bluetooth remote technology? - check
  • warranty & quality guarantee? - check
  • innovative features and design? - check

As usual, our friends at We Vibe deliver world class pleasure, innovative design, and impeccable quality.

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