Who's the Big Boss?

Do you like feeling full? Does being stuffed full of penis (naturally occurring or artificial) make you excited? Do you believe that bigger is indeed better? Then you may be interested in meeting a toy appropriately named Big Boss.

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. The Big Boss vibrator is a large toy produced by Fun Factory Toys. How big is it? Well, the Big Boss is currently the largest vibrator in my collection. It's about 23.5cm long and 4cm wide. (That's 9.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.) It has glands, it has veins, and its bright pink exterior will grab your attention too!

When you're this big they call you Mister!

The Big Boss, or as I took to calling it, Mr Pink, has a gentle curve, a large head, and a relatively soft silicone exterior. The outside has a natural, squishy feeling that gives it a more life-like texture. The bendable outside of the toy also facilitates easing it into place. The curve and wide head combine to offer improved G-spot stimulation.

The Big Boss has very simple controls. One buttons turns the toy on/off. The two other buttons at the base adjust the vibrations. One button cycles through more intense buzzing sensations and then starts changing the pattern of vibrating pulses. The other button cycles back through the list. There are twelve settings in total. The first three or four simply up the steady buzzing's intensity while latter options introduce more variety in the pattern of the vibrations.

These bees have nothing on the buzzing from the Big Boss!

Elle and I tried out the new Boss and enjoyed experimenting with it in a variety of positions. One thing I was pleasantly surprised to discover is the Big Boss is not particularly heavy. Given the size I expected it to be hefty too, but it's relatively light given its massive member. I also like that the control buttons are fairly large (and raised) which makes them easy to find and press by touch alone. The buttons are well positioned for use at a variety of angles.

Elle enjoyed the Big Boss. She particularly liked the "full" feeling it delivers. Based on our experiences so far I'd say the Big Boss is excellent at being a dildo. The toy is wide, long, and pleasantly curved for her pleasure. The engine puts out a good, medium vibration, but it's not a powerful vibrator. Elle said the vibrations were pleasant and might, with time, cause an orgasm, but the Big Boss worked best at providing a full feeling and G-spot stimulation while we found other ways to clitorally stimulate Elle.

As a result we tried a number of toy combinations. For example, using the Big Boss internally while using a Rave on Elle's clit. This worked passably well, though both toys produce a medium vibration so it didn't produce a truly "wow" orgasm. We also fired up the Womanizer to provide clit suction while the Big Boss filled Elle. This resulted in what I can best describe as a lighting quick, super intense, screaming orgasm. (Elle said she's recommend the Big Boss paired with the Womanizer - 5/5 stars.)

At one point we decided to go for broke and matched the Big Boss with a butt plug for that "extra full" feeling. This proved to mostly work well, and gave good results, though Elle said it was difficult to insert the Big Boss while she already had the plug in. The wide head of the Boss was a lot to insert vaginally while the plug was in place.

One of my favourite aspects of trying out the Big Boss was the length of the toy. Mr Pink is one of the few toys we own that I can easily hold in place on Elle's clit while we're in doggy style position. It's long enough I can position it against her clit in this position (tucking the toy under my own member) and its wide head means my aim isn't spoiled by all the moving about.

Ultimately, Elle and I both decided we like Big Boss. As the name suggests, the size is the main appeal. There are positions we can try and sensations we can create with this big guy that we just don't get from other toys. While the size and shape are definitely appealing, we did agree there were two drawbacks. One is that the exterior of the toy is soft enough that it's hard to press it firmly against the clit (or G-spot). Most toys have harder shells and are easier to hold firmly in place. Big Boss tends to bend, reducing the amount of pressure on a single spot. This can be nice if you want a lower-level hum, but it means it's hard to get focused stimulation.

Which actually brings me to my second negative point: Big Boss is mostly about its size and not its vibration. The toy does vibrate and it has a respectable medium-level engine. But it can't ramp up to wand-level heights which means, if you enjoy clitoral stimulation, it's best to pair Big Boss with a second toy. We found suction toys worked best with Big Boss, but other toys, like bullet vibes worked really well too. Elle said she very much enjoyed the combination of a dedicated clitoral toy paired with the impressive Big Boss for vaginal use.