Womanizer Premium Review

Womanizer Premium Review

All hail the Womanizer Premium.  Aptly named, this clitoral suction toy truly does offer an incredibly PREMIUM experience.  I even found un-boxing the Womanizer Premium to be super exciting!  I can't be the only one, since they recently launched un-boxing videos ; )

In all honesty, the Womanizer Premium exceeded my expectations and I have to tip my hat to the folks that make sure every aspect of getting a Womanizer Premium is luxurious and satisfying.  I'm a bit of a toy snob, and a product has to be pretty special to stand out.

If you have no idea what a suction toy is, or haven't yet had the pleasure of a suction toy orgasm, let me quickly explain what they are and how to use them.

Suction toys are these magical inventions that stimulate the clitoris without ever actually touching it.  The Womanizer brand uses unique Pleasure Air Technology - a combination of gentle sucking and soft vibrations that lead you to a new and very distinct kind of orgasm you've never experienced before.

How Clitoral Suction Toys Work

Spread the labia apart slightly so that the clitoris is exposed and apply water based lubricant.
Enclose the clitoris with the stimulation head, using light pressure to keep a tight seal.



What Makes the Womanizer Premium so very Premium?

Let's dig in to these special features that have me crushing on the luxurious Womanizer Premium.  They are super slick and now that I know they exist, I truly can't live without them!

  1. The Smart Silence Feature - This feature has me mesmerized.  I think it’s the bomb.com.  Set the Womanizer Premium to Smart Silence with the flick of a button and it’ll only suck when it’s in contact with skin.  You really don’t realize how handy this feature is until you’re getting hot and heavy and notice how easy and convenient the Womanizer Premium is to pick up and put down or move around and switch things up - without having to push any buttons! Smart Silence keeps the Premium in Stand By mode unless it’s in direct contact with skin,   Also worth noting - Smart Silence is a feature that is great for discreet use - if anyone invades your private moment, just move it away from your body and it will shut down right away.
  2. The Autopilot Feature - This feature is tricky to explain and INCREDIBLE to experience.  Set your Womanizer Premium to Autopilot and lie back, relax, and enjoy.  Autopilot offers a unique element of surprise every time you use it.  You can never anticipate what's going to happen next - the Autopilot takes you on a journey through different intensity levels. Instead of pushing the buttons yourself, the Autopilot surprises you, it's like a new toy and different orgasms every night.

Womanizer Premium in Bluberry

So lets talk power - clitoral suction toys don't require the same kind of power that vibrators do.  They do require lots of variable speed settings.  I love that the Womanizer Premium has 12 intensity levels - this really lets you dial in the pleasure perfectly!  The Womanizer Premium has a battery life of 4 hours – so it is always ready when you are and very rarely needs to be charged.

This toy is also super silent and comes with a few fancy little extras, like a satin storage bag, an extra suction cap,waterproof design, and a 2 year warranty.  

All in all, I feel like the Womanizer Premium is the end all, be all in suction toys.  My only regret is that I waited so long to get one!

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