Sensual and Romantic

  • I feel a tingle in my everything! - Sensation balms, lotions and lubricants

    She is a lady who likes the feel of warm wax, cool ice cubes, and soft leather. With this in mind, we picked out a couple of items this week designed to make her skin tingle and our senses sing. We were looking for ways to slow things down and heat things up at the same time and these are the items we brought home.

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  • How I learned to stop worrying and love her vibrator

    I think the key to making a lady's toys more appealing to men is getting across the idea that the toy is a nice addition to sex and intended to enhance the experience rather than replace anyone's role. The toy's presence will hopefully be presented as cooperative rather than competitive.

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  • When does sex start and stop for you?

    Sex can be fulfilling and naughty, it can be sweaty and spiritual, it can be connected and life affirming. Something I find that helps to insure everyone is having a good time, in whatever form that takes, is to set aside a common misconception about sex... View Post