I feel a tingle in my everything! - Sensation balms, lotions and lubricants

When Elle and I first met she told me that she enjoyed a variety of sensual sensations. She is a lady who likes the feel of warm wax, cool ice cubes, and soft leather. With this in mind, we picked out a couple of items this week designed to make her skin tingle and our senses sing. We were looking for ways to slow things down and heat things up at the same time and these are the items we brought home.

Nipple Nibbler Tingle Balm

The first item in our bag of goodies this week was Nipple Nibbler Tingle Balm, which is almost as much fun to say as it is to use. The balm comes in a tiny, round tin, about as wide as a thumb nail. The balm can be teased out with a finger and rubbed on a person's nipples or other body parts.


The Nipple Nibbler's description says it is designed to be shiny, tasty, tingly, and vegan. The balm comes in a variety of flavours so people can try out a range to find ones that taste the best. I think the one we picked up was pink lemonade as it had a sort of tart, fruity flavour. It does go on shiny, giving a glossy look to whichever patch of skin it is spread upon.


When we tried it on Elle's nipples she reported no sensation. She could feel it going on, but there was no tingle or other sensations from the balm itself. However, when I licked and kissed her nipples my tongue went numb almost instantly! My lips soon followed, receiving a tingly, numbing sensation. Elle still didn't feel any difference on her breasts, but as soon as I kissed her she felt her tongue tingle.

Now part of this complete breakfast!


We came to the idea that Nipple Nibbler may not work wonders on her nipples, but she is probably going to wear it as a lip gloss and surprise me with tingling kisses. The balm is shiny and smells nice so it will feel good on her lips.

Sliquid Spark

The second item we brought home is called Sliquid Spark lubricant. Elle and I have had good experiences in the past with Sliquid products and we were curious to try out this silicone-based tingling lubricant. Spark contains menthol, among some other materials, to give it a tingling sensation. Like the Nipple Nibbler material mentioned above, Spark is also a vegan product.


According to the Sliquid Spark description, the lubricant is meant to be long lasting, with it staying in place for several minutes to an hour - a lot longer than the flavoured Sliquid lubes we have tried in the past. According to the bottle of Spark we picked up, the lube "goes on cool, warms with friction."

The irony is this lube is great at reducing friction!


We were curious to find out whether Spark would feel warm (because of the "warms with friction" description) or if it would feel cool to the touch due to the menthol included in the mixture. When I rubbed it on my skin, at first I did not feel anything. However, during intercourse, I felt a slight cooling sensation. The Spark felt like someone was gently blowing cool air over the head of my penis. Not a lot, just enough to give a hint of chill.


Elle had a stronger reaction to the Spark. She reported it felt very tingly and cool during sex. She noticed the menthol cooling sensation a good deal more than I did. She said it felt quite nice and was happy to keep using it. My experience was more neutral - the lubricant itself worked great, it adds a lot of glide, but there wasn't much sensation on my skin from the Sliquid.

Coconut Cream Scent Massage Bar

The final item we picked up this week to try was a massage bar with coconut cream scent. The bar looks like a bar of soap and comes wrapped in foil. The bar begins to melt when it gets close to body temperature. The bar can be gently run across a person's skin to leave behind a tiny trail of massage lotion.


After the bar has made a few trips around a person's back, arms, or legs it will have left a thin strip of massage lotion on their skin. Then we can put the bar away and and continue giving a massage. The oil lasts quite a while and, if we need to refresh the oil on the skin, the bar can be softly swiped across the body again.

Feels good against the skin and tastes better than soap.
[Editor's note: Please don't actually put it in your mouth.]


The bar is straight forward and simple to use. The scent of coconut is pleasantly mild - sweet, but not at all overpowering - and the lotion feels nice and slick on the skin. It makes running my hands over Elle's back smoother and a nicer sensation for both of us. The bar doesn't warm or tingle or anything like that, it just feels good and makes it easier to give a massage.