Indulgence Virtual Live Parties

Imagine hosting a party for you and your friends and not having to do any pre or post party house work! Or not having to kick out kids, pets, and significant others so you can have your place to yourself for some much needed friend time.  Sounds good doesn't it?  Just pop your earbuds in, pour a drink, and join us for a party all without having to leave your house, or your pj’s!

How Does an Indulgence Virtual Party Work?

We use a Private FaceBook Group and the free Zoom App to get everyone connected.  

We can see you, you can see each other, and most importantly - you can see and hear Indulgence and all the fun, sexy, stuff we want to show you!  From our store to your living room, LIVE!

We will invite you into the Private Facebook Group and we’ll post the Zoom LogIn Link. Then we can start the night off with a cocktail hour and get to know your friends pre-party!   During the show, we’ll be using the Facebook Group to post fun, informative articles and direct product links.

How Do We Buy Stuff?  And Get It?

We strongly encourage everyone to take 2 minutes before the party and Create an Account on our website.  That way all the info is in our system ahead of time.  As we show off and chat about products you can add them to your cart - when the party's over and you’re all finished shopping, you can check out.  Whatever you ordered will be mailed directly to your door in super discreet packaging!  Easy Peasy!  Sexy goodies, right to your door.

How Do We Book A Party?

We are currently doing all bookings through our FaceBook Messenger account so we can take advantage of the handy Appointment Feature built in to Messenger.  Please send your party enquiry to us through our Message Us blue button on the bottom right corner of our webpage or visit our FaceBook page directly.  

How Many People Can I Invite to My Party?

The best parties are usually 4 - 8 people.  Technology is amazing, and it allows us to virtually spend time together, but there are limits to what it can accomodate.  We find if you go over 8 on the invite list, it can get a little too noisy or hard to follow.  If you’ve got a big group of people - it might be a good idea to do two separate shows (don’t worry, we have different themes!) 

Each party's merchandise is custom tailored to what you and your guests want to see.  You get to pick the theme and the products for your party (naughty, nice, a little bit of both!)

How Much Does it Cost to Have an Indulgence Virtual Party?

Nothing!  Virtual Parties are free!

Have More Questions?

Give us a call!!  We’d love to chat with you over the phone and are available for assistance Mon to Sat 10 - 4.


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