wax play 101 workshop

nov 8 | 7 pm | $20


Interested in Wax Play but don’t know where to start?

Why not join us for a round table Wax Play Workshop?

If you're new to, or just curious about it - Wax Play is the process of

sensually dripping, pouring, or brushing hot wax onto a partner's bare

skin. Next to a little light spanking, we can’t think of a better way to

test the waters of dom-sub dynamics and heat up your next date night!

Wax Play is a simple process that's amazingly intense, a type of

temperature play that falls under the BDSM umbrella. Wax play is a

popular form of kink play that requires some understanding of the

process and potential risks before the fun can really begin!


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  • Excellent workshop!  The environment is great and the instructors are super informative and relaxed.

    • Lily

"This is a great class - excellent learning environment with informative and relaxed instructors"

  • Megan

About the Wax Play 101 Workshop

The Wax Play 101 workshop will discuss the different types

of wax that are acceptable for wax play, the varying methods of

application to explore, and other sensation techniques to enhance the

wax play experience. 

You will also learn appropriate After Care with

various wax removal methods and post wax skin treatment.

Safety considerations will feature prominently in the discussions as

well a thorough understanding of the skin and how heat affects it. We

will also cover emergency burn care so that you know what to do when

things go wrong.

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hot stuff

Not only is this sweet-scented paraffin wax candle the perfect way to add a sexy glow to your play space of choice, it also happens to be perfect for partners indulging in a little - or a lot - of hot wax play.  

Light it up, then carefully drip and drizzle the warm wax over desired body parts. The Wax Play Candle was specifically formulated to burn at a low temperature (118.4 Fahrenheit/48 Celsius) for everyone's safety and comfort.

Classically tapered, the scented Ouch! Wax Play Candle is approximately 4.7"/12cm long and 1.4"/3.6cm wide. 

Available in Chocolate or Rose.

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  • Skin comfort: 9/10

  • Easy to use: 7/10

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Workshop FAQ's 

Q: Do I need Proof of Vaccination to attend?

A: Yes - you will need to have proof of 2 vaccinations and 1 government issued ID to attend.

Q: Are the instructors and staff double vaccinated?

A: Yes - all staff and instructors have received both vaccines.

Q: Do I need a partner for this workshop or can I arrive solo?

A: Solos and pairs are both welcome (everyone needs a ticket), we will

have an experienced "wax buddy" for the hands on portion of the workshop

if you come solo.

Q: Will I be getting wax on me?

A: Yes. If you feel comfortable doing so and want to.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothes that you can move around in and also won't mind

getting accidental wax on. Ladies, remember you may be exposing your

back or upper shoulders - if you want to - so please don't wear a

fancy/expensive bra that you don't want to get wax on. ( Feel free to

bring a robe :)

Q: Do I have to have wax poured on me?

A: Nope! You can totally just watch and learn.

Q: Will I be able to pour wax on someone else?

A: Yes, if you want to! We will be providing wax and you can either

bring a partner who would like to have wax dripped on them or drip wax

on our of our presenters.

You have the wax, now get the right skin aftercare!

Treat your skin with some soothing, skin loving oil after any wax play.  Not only does it feel great having it rubbed in, these oils hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  And they smell incredible!

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Workshop Outline

1. The basics of wax play and why people enjoy it.

2. The two main types of wax play - poured wax versus candle wax.

3. The three popular types of wax, different types of candles and

respective temperatures.

4. Safety tips for wax play.