• Black Beginner Handcuffs -
  • Black Beginner Handcuffs -
  • Black Beginner Handcuffs -
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Black Beginner Handcuffs

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Beginner bondage

Beginner's Handcuffs, a simple, user friendly wrist restraint set for bondage beginners and dabblers. Made from extra soft fabric, the velvety feel of the handcuffs against the skin is sensual on its own, and coupled with the sturdy construction that keeps you (or your partner) securely in place, the pleasure potential is off the chart.

Simple Velcro closures let you attach, adjust and remove the cuffs in a snap, and the hardy clasp holding them together is equally easy to manipulate. There's lots of room available to adjust the sizing, making these must-have lovers tool suitable for anyone.