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Intimate Earth Intense | Clitoral Stimulating Gel

Intense clitoral pleasure

Clitoral Stimulating Gel is a perfect choice if you are looking for  extra sensation during sex and self love.  Great for women looking for a little variety in the bedroom and for those who want to add a little extra 'oomph' to their next big O.  We all know the clitoris is the key to orgasm, and with the natural herbal extracts in the Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel by Intimate Earth, you can increase sensitivity in this all important area for mind blowing pleasure.

Naturally drawing blood to the clitoris, awakening nerve endings and enhancing sensitivity during sex, foreplay and self-love, INTENSE works quickly, requiring just a dab massaged into the clitoral area before playtime. Intimate Earth body products make use of several certified organic ingredients and contain no harmful parabens. INTENSE Clitoral Arousal Gel is 100% vegan friendly.

Containing a blend of peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and certified organic extracts of with hazel, goji fruit and aloe, the gel draws blood naturally into the clitoris, which in turn increases sensitivity. We suggest initially putting a pea-size amount of gel on a finger and massage directly onto the clitoris, more can be added if necessary. Intimate Earth products do NOT contain menthol.

Bottle holds 30mL (1oz).