Rechargeable Magic Wand

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Go cordless

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The silicone-topped RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND proves that even the best of the best can be improved upon.

The world famous ORIGINAL MAGIC WAND has been making women feel good for 51 years and counting.  Designed by HITACHI in 1968 as a ‘personal massager,’ the MAGIC WAND quickly became utilized as a masturbation aid for women and it’s popularity hasn’t slowed down since.  This ICONIC sex toy easily outsells today’s modern vibrators and is recognized, industry wide as the vibrator to end all vibrators.  

An orgasm producing machine, the RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND’S claim to fame comes from the incredibly deep and resonant vibrations.  This newer, upgraded version still has the same, much loved power as the ORIGINAL and also comes with some lower settings, letting you ease into that intense stimulation - (2,700, 3,800, 5,400 and 6,300 vibrations per minute, respectively.)  

Intensity aside, the RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND also features four fantastic new vibration rhythms as well as a classic steady option. Short or long pulses in quick, slow and escalating succession can be varied in intensity as well- a simple interface places a dedicated power button, a function tab and a speed control within easy reach.

A true night stand staple, the RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND may look outdated, but as floods of countless reviews testify - DON’T MESS WITH A GOOD THING. It's been called a marriage saver, an earth shaker, is often recommended by sexual health care providers for women who have difficulty climaxing, and is quite simply one of the best sex toys you could ever buy yourself.


The extreme power of this rechargeable vibe is unparalleled thanks to a Japanese designed motor that now has re-charging and plug-and-play functionality- the MAGIC WAND can be enjoyed cordless or plugged in. Extraordinary in its ability to bring on near-instant arousal and consistent, multiple orgasms, the MAGIC WAND boasts 4 speeds, and 4 vibration patterns.

Deep, penetrating vibrations focus on whichever body part is lucky enough to be the recipient of the Wand's ministrations, and since it's broad, plush and softly rounded at the body safe silicone head, the shape easily nestles against the clitoris.

An easy to hold shape, makes the RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND easy to hold and maneuver in and around sweet spots.  The cordless, elongated handle is great for perfect control and lots of reach, while the soft head flexes easily on a neck designed for perfect placement.


Use a good water based lube if needed with the MAGIC WAND. NOT for use in or around water.  We recommend cleaning the MAGIC WAND with a soft cloth and gentle toy cleaner.


1 YEAR WARRANTY - Honored here at Indulgence

Big impressive, XL vibrator

Strong optimized distribution of vibrations

4 deep frequency vibration programs - 2.700, 3,800, 5,400 and 6,300 vibrations per minute, respectively

4 deep and powerful vibration rhythms

Flexible medical grade silicone head for optimized pressure on all the erogenous hot spots and for a variety of positions for HER and HIM

Comfortable, safe grip and easy to use buttons

Right or left handed users can both control with ease

Designed in Japan to meet high quality standards

Easy to clean with toy cleaner

Rechargeable via included DC cord

Length: 12.25"

Girth: 7.5" at largest point

Width: 2.25" at largest point

Color: White



Charging cable

Quick Start User Guide