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Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube

Better lube = better sex

A handy little box set that gives you a great taste of Sliquid's Natural favourites. This portable, ready-when-you-are box contains two each of H2O, Silver, Sassy, Cherry Vanilla Swirl, Green Apple Swirl, and Blue Raspberry Swirl.


Sliquid lubes were made with a woman's body chemistry in mind. They contain no DEA's, gulten, gylcerine, glycol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, or sulfates - all of which can irritate sensitive skin. Each treat in this pack is also completely vegan and cruelty free.

Sliquid lubes are versatile and skilled at providing slick, toe curling pleasure. It will never get sticky and will not leave any residue behind. Designed for every body to enjoy, Sliquid is perfect for sensitive vaginas. These hypoallergenic, pH balanced lubricants will never irritate your soft parts - meaning you can use it liberally without fear of it causing a yeast infection or UTI.


H2O: A water based lube made to blend perfectly with a woman's natural lubrication and feels 100% like the real thing! This water based lube can be used with any toy material, including glass, silicone, and plastic - and it's condom safe!

Sassy: A water based gel lubricant made with booty play in mind. Sassy is a thicker version of the H2O made to provide some extra comfort and long lasting lubrication fo anal play. This water based lube can also be used with any toy material, including glass, silicone, and plastic - and it's condom safe!

Silver: A super long lasting and 100% waterproof silicone based lube. This is the perfect choice if you're looking for something to last. Made from an ultra concentrated blend of pharmaceutical grade silicones, Silver will last for hours with only a few drops! Silver can also double as a super silky massage oil. Just be sure not to mix this silicone lube with your silicone toys!

Swirl in Cherry, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry: A splash of flavour has been added to the all natural feeling of H2O. Swirl lubes are amazingly versatile lube that's completely water based and water soluble, meaning that it won't stain sheets or clothing, and it dries naturally or rinses off with water. These flavoured lubes are low in sugar meaning they're body safe and won't cause UTIs or yeast infections!