• Sliquid Satin Aloe Vera Infused Water Based Lubricant -
  • Sliquid Satin Aloe Vera Infused Water Based Lubricant -

Sliquid Satin Aloe Vera Infused Water Based Lubricant

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Better lube = better sex

Your love life deserves great lube. Your vagina deserves lubricant made for a woman's’ body. Meet Sliquid Satin - one of our favourite water based personal lubricants and personal moisturizers.


It’s great for any sexy situation - solo or shared. Like a good lover, Satin is versatile and skilled at providing slick, toe curling pleasure.

It stays slippery for a long time, reducing friction during sex and masturbation.

It will never get sticky and will not leave any residue behind.

Designed for every body to enjoy, Satin is perfect for sensitive vaginas. This hypoallergenic, pH balanced lubricant will never irritate your soft parts. Meaning you can use it liberally without fear of it causing a yeast infection or UTI.

Satin is taste and fragrance free. It blends perfectly with a woman’s natural lubrication and feels 100% like the real thing.

This water based lube can be used with any toy material, including glass, silicone and plastic - and it's condom safe!

Satin is the first product designed for daily use, not just during sexual activity. Created for women who are experiencing regular or periodic dryness due to menopause, mediation, or any other reason.


A better question may be, what’s not in it?! Sliquid Satin is a 100% natural water based lubricant. Free from chemicals and made with easy to pronounce ingredients:

  • Purified water
  • Cotton based plant cellulose
  • Guar gum conditioner
  • Naturally based preservatives
  • Aloe vera
  • Carrageenan (Sea kelp)

Sliquid Satin is 100% vegan and free of DEA, gluten, glycerin, parabens, glycerol, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulphates.

Sliquid Satin is also infused with a blend of natural moisturizers, including natural extracts of sea kelp, aloe vera, and vitamin E - creating a natural feeling moisturizer that emulates your body's own natural lubrication.