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The Man Bar | Sandalwood & Tea Tree Soap

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squeaky clean

The best part of getting dirty is getting clean!  Or is it the other way around?  Either way, you'll be pretty pumped to hop in the shower and use this hand crafted Des Bray Soap. 

Made with love, right here in Halifax, this soap does all the things for your skin that you probably don't care about ; )  First, let's talk about the sexy man smell.  It's spicy, crisp, and clean (known to make partners feel extra frisky when they catch a whiff!)  Sandalwood, Tea Tree, and Lemon essential oils give this bar it's fragrance and provide lots of skin benefits too!

This bar can be used 2 different ways!  It's ideal for cleansing with a shower puff or wash cloth or use the bar directly on the skin for the exfoliating properties of pumice to aid in ingrown hairs, bumps, folliculitis etc.  (it makes your skin super smooth and touchable!)

With antibacterial neem oil, nourishing argan oil, blackseed oil, shea butter and marbled healing clay & charcoal. Don't miss out on The Man Bomb bath bomb with the same sexy fragrance and even more skin pampering properties.