• The Feeling Frisky Set

The Feeling Frisky Set

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triple nipple pleasure

Beginner Nipple Clamps

These easy to use nipple clips are a perfect choice for beginners - we love how easy they are to adjust for a perfect and comfortable fit.  Completely adjustable in terms of tension, simply twist the screw to widen or narrow their grasp. Once in place, the dangling chain floats dazzlingly, effortlessly hypnotizing your playmate while awakening desire and increasing sensation.

The real fun comes when you remove the clamps - you'll love how sensitive your nipples are and any attention paid to them will give you shivers!  Which makes the next 2 items even more fun!

Nipple Nibblers

A sweetly flavored lickable treat from Jelique, Nipple Nibbler Tingle Balm adds lots of chilly toe-curling tingle to erogenous zones, from lips to nipples and beyond. 

Gliding smoothly over and around desired areas, this foreplay-ready enhancer sweetens the skin, adds  eye-catching glossiness, and creates that namesake nipple tingle!

Warm Chocolate Massage Candle 

If you've never used a massage candle, you may not know that these skin nourishing oils and butters melt at just 3 degrees above body temperature.  This means that the oil you drizzle out is lovely and warm and feels amazing on the skin.  It is not hot, or uncomfortable and will not burn.

Simple to use and perfect for a super sexy romantic surprise.  Light the candle and within a few moments you have a warm pool of fragrant chocolate scented oil.  You can pour it into your palms and smooth onto your lovers skin, or drip and drizzle it right from the container.
You can also buy all of these products individually, but we think they pair perfectly together!