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Treasures of the Sea Foaming Bath Salts

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Sink into bliss

Why do we love Treasures of the Sea?  Aside from the fun color and heavenly smell (We think this smells like vacation!) This is a true bath product for grown women, the blend of sea salts and the fact that it's Ph balanced means it's safe to use all the time will not cause any type of irritation or itchiness, even in women prone to yeast infections and UTI's.  In fact it helps draw out toxins in the skin, reducing black heads and softening any in grown hairs and other blemishes and leaves your skin silky soft and smelling delicious.

Another fun fact we think worth mentioning is that this product has no soapy taste so it's perfect for two in the tub!  And although you get a nice tub full of soft bubbles we find it works nicely in whirlpool tubs and won't drown you in bubbles.

Transform a simple bath into an ocean of azure blue indulgence, where body and soul are imbued with the distinct scent of the sea.

  • Extraordinary blend of nature's own sea salts, seaweeds, and organic moisturizers
  • Ph balanced
  • A natural seashell scoop accompanies each container of bath salts.

Approximately 20-25 baths per jar.  Net wt 24.6 oz